Dr. Crystal Moore, has been our keynote speaker for the Covenant Girls Conquering Cancer: Arise to Survive Breast Cancer Awareness Health Seminar for the last three years held in Portsmouth, Va. Drawing a diverse group of woman from various demographics across the Hampton Roads and Richmond Areas, this faith based initiative raises awareness for Breast Cancer in our local communities with the sole purpose of uniting, inspiring and empowering woman to arise to battle, as our courageous covenant sister Deborah (Judges 4:14), to conquer and defeat the enemy (Cancer).

Prayer, Hope and Faith are the three key components of this movement and we have witnessed a plethora of miracles in the lives of women and surviors who have attended this event. As one of the keynote speakers for our seminar, Dr. Moore’s innovative presentation utilized both interactive and visual components to educate and captive our audience.

Her wealth of knowledge in Breast Cancer Awareness and preventive measures coupled with her own personal experience in dealing with close relatives who have suffered from breast cancer disease has led many of our Breast Cancer Survivors to bravely share their own testimonies publicly. A number of women in attendance have signed up for mammograms for the very first time as result a of this inspirational and educational seminar.

Dr. Moore helps to create an intimate and therapeutic environment for our audience that afford them the opportunity to comfortable ask questions and address concerns about their bodies that they may have been reluctant to discuss with their primary care physician.

Dr. Moore has been very influential in the growing success of the Arise to Survive Seminar & Luncheon and as we prepare for our 4rd year in 2016 we are forever grateful for the life changing impact Dr. Moore has made on so many of the Covenant Girl participants. We look forward to collaborating with Dr. Moore in the future. – Minister TL Chisholm, Founder and Chair of Arise to Survive

Dr. Crystal Moore provided an informative, thought provoking, lifesaving breast cancer presentation to a diverse group of women of all ages and educational backgrounds. She made breast cancer less scary and helped the group to see the connection between self-examinations, mammograms and regular doctor visits and their quality and quantity of life.

She enabled us to see how our health impacts our roles as wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend and the connection between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Although her topic for the day was breast cancer prevention and treatment, she ministered to the whole woman.

Delores F. Adams
Board Chair
Community Health Center

Director of Procurement and Resident Services
Local Housing Authority